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Upon looking at childhood pictures of Amanda, you would see a sweet, blonde, curly-haired, cherubic little girl, so innocent and full of glee.  It always puzzled her family and friends how this sweet little girl grew up to love any and all things gory and gross, terrifying and disturbing, but some things just can't be explained.  The earliest movie she remembers actually unsettling her was The Shining and it's been hard to find many that have truly scared her since (those that do are true gems).  Amanda's frightful passions lie in eerie literature, creepy imagery, and poring through true crime cases.  Funnily, the vision of real-life death and gore is more disturbing to her than any ghost story or scary film.  Amanda is an occasional sufferer of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.  Oh yeah, and she's absolutely terrified of spiders. 


By day, Joanna spends too much time sitting at a laptop writing.  By night, she loves to scare herself, her sister, and her very patient friends.  As a child, she ruined her family's sleep with her constant nightmares, yet nothing has stopped her voracious appetite for scary stories and weird tales. The first movie to ever traumatize her was The Little Mermaid.  Since then, Joanna has gotten a film degree and a philosophy degree she hasn't used except to be mouthy on the internet and picky about horror movies.  She loves stop-motion animation, cryptozoology, rare medical conditions, examinations of madness, and is terrified of Asian Ghost Girls.  She finds most gore boring and tedious, and that gets her into disagreements with people sometimes.  She is working on her first novel and hopes to publish someday.

Joanna also co-hosts Paregoricon: a podcast of strangeness and truth.  Learn more by clicking on the Paregoricon picture in the sidebar.

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Email us at: handofjessee@gmail.com .

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