Friday, August 14, 2015

Playtime's Over

Hello, we are back!

It's been a busy summer, so we took several weeks off from posting to develop other projects (and give ourselves a break).

I, Joanna, am very excited to announce my latest venture: Paregoricon!

Paregoricon is a weekly podcast that covers all manner of strange and macabre topics from rare diseases to lesser-known cryptids.  We aim to bring you a wealth of well-researched information, mixed with segments designed to scare and a healthy dose of jokes.

To follow the podcast, which releases new episodes every Tuesday, you can subscribe in a variety of ways.  Subscribe directly via Soundcloud, or search for us on iTunes.  You could also follow our blog where we list our substantive show notes.

If you'd like a taste, check out our episode on Skin-wearing below.

In other news, we'll be returning to our regularly scheduled posting (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) on August 17th.  New episodes of Paregoricon will also be promoted on Tuesdays.



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